Thailand is roughly the size of France and shaped like an elephant’s head with a long dangling trunk.  It is bordered  to the west by Burma, to the northeast by Laos, to the east by Cambodia, and to the south by Malaysia.

Many people say that Thailand is lucky. It has the looks, the temperament and the attractions to capture the World’s imagination for an exotic escape. It is mysterious and confounding but approachable and inviting. Hospitality is a genuine art, crafted by a culture that takes pride in putting people at ease.

From the combination of custom and novelty in urbane Bangkok to the east which is the most traditionally Thai region. At the north land, is an attractive beautiful mountain, outstanding national park and a tradition festivals. In southern Thailand, enjoy white sand and blue sea are what most Thai holidays are about. This Country has a little bit of everything for everyone. When people think of Asia, Thailand is often the first image that comes to their mind.

Lastly, as I am Thai, I am sure that you will be welcomed and treated nicely like you are our family.

Let Thailand be your next vacation…..