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1. Bring your water bottle wherever you go

Not  only is it eco-friendly, it also saves your money.  Dont  forget to buy snacks for long trips.  You can buy them at 7-eleven,  which you can get the same price as  Thai people.  Remember! tourist always overcharge.

2. Avoid Western Food

You can buy ten Thai meals for the cost of one pizza in Thailand. Nearly all foreign food is imported at great expense, and it rarely tastes the same as back home anyway.

3. Avoid the tourist traps

For real cheap traveling, stay away from places like Pattaya, Phuket and Ko Sa Mui, instead head off the beaten track to the forest temples and National Parks of Nakorn Ratchasima in the North-East or try the beaches and unique cuisine of Nakhon Si Thammarat in the South/

4. learn to take public transportation and avoid taking cab especially in Bangkok City.

The fares of cab can rip off, so you should go by BTS (subway) that offers one day unlimited rides for $4.  BTW, buses must be cheaper, but spend time longer to destinations (avoid taking bus on rush hours 8-10 am. and 5-7 pm.) .  If you are traveling on long trips, take the overnight bus / sleeper train so you can save hotel costs.

5. Bring Dollars

Exchanging money from the local banks is the best way that you will get nice rate compared to other  money changers. Try to check rate on internet of these banks; The Siam Commercial Bank, Bangkok Bank, Bank of Ayadhaya Public Company Limited. Avoid making ATMs transactions, you will be charged around $5 for using your ATM access abroad.


Everybody who travels, wants to know how to get cheap airline tickets.  While some people knows how to get these cheap airfares, but some people does not know.

These are basic tips before booking airline tickets.

1. One of the most basic tips is to make sure you book your fights in advance.  This sounds easy but most people hestitat to book in advance and wait until the last minute.  Most airline release their fight schedules as early as  six months to a year ahead of time.

2. Visiting the airlines’ website and signing up to the airlines mailing lists will send you weekly flight deals straight to your inbox.  Nowsaday, you can also get special promotions or discount tickets via facebook and twitter. Moreover, you should check more than one website and compare rates;  such as hotwire, expedia, cheaptickets, priceline or orbitz.

3. If you dont ask, you dont get it.  Many people does not realize they have right to get a discount on their airfares.  For example, student and children also can get cheaper flights.

4. Try to fly on weekday (Monday – Thursday) especially, late-night fights, very morning flights and flights with at least one stop tend to be discount as well.

5. Ask the airline if it offers travel package to save money in other areas.  For instance, a rental car or hotel room.

6. stay with the same airline during your entire trip to receive round-trip or connecting fare discounts

Hope you get the best saving from these tips!

Chiang Mai organization cooperate with Tourism Authority of Thailand invite tourist to join (participate) a great concert named  “Chiang Mai Fest 2011”  on April 8 – 10  at  Sam ka suth Monument.

Concert’s stage is set up in the garden where you can admire a beautiful scenery.  Moreover, there are many famous singers from Thailand, Japan, Natherland and etc who entertain you with many kinds of music; jazz, pop, rock and classic.

In the concert area, there are also many exhibitions which blend with Eastern and Western cultures. You can explore art, enjoy food and exchange experiences

Thailand’s floating markets are among the most photographed destinations in the country.  A canal or  “Klong”  in Thai can reflect to Thai people’s lives in earlier time.  They use the river to commute, cimmunicate and trade.  That’s why  “Klong”  has an influences to Thai people.

The floating markets, unlike regular market, have sellers pack their ares, such as variety of tropical fruits, flowers, vegetables and fresh produce, onto small boats and jostle with each other for the attention of buyers alongside canals.  The most popular floating market is Ratchaburi, about 101 km. to the west of Bangkok.

It is the largest and attracted by a large number of tourists.  Occasionally, you will find people wandering around in traditional Thai clothing  and most of sellers on boats also wear their traditional blue shirts called  “Mor Hom”  and flat-topped hats called  “Muak  Nob”

If you have a chance, dont miss to visit there!!  You will enjoy another side of traditional lives.

Thai massage was discoverd long time ago. It is based on the principle of physical and emotional problems. The result of Thai massage is feeling both relaxed and energized.

All spa in Thailand feature traditional Thai massage and herbal therapies in the program.

Thailand is known as the best place for eco-friendly scuba diving and snorkeling activities. One of the top ten dive destinations in the World is Similan Islands, which are stunning group of nine Islands, located in Northwest of Phuket.

The similan Islands are home to a huge variey of marine life and incredible opportunities to see rare and endangered species.  Often referred to as one of the best dive spot in the World.  The water is so clean that you can see creatures; arrays of corals, schools of colorful fish, you may find anything from tiny ghost pipefish to turtles and giant bumpead fish. Enjoy sun-bathing by sipping fresh coconut juice!!  you will be served with fresh seafood. It is time to take your breath away!

Best time to go: the best conditions for diving are from October to May

In Thailand, there are several outstanding Island that pursuade people all around the World to visit.  Each one is unique and enchanting by its environment.  Among those ones is Good Island.

Come soak up the sun on the beaches with tranquil wave, fluffy sand and beautiful scenery.  The cleanliness of blue sea attracts you to plunge into.  Enjoy the day with biking, kayaking and climbing.  Enjoy the night  with insect serenade and mild temperature.

Good Island has its pure nature, it is far away from chaotic life, lack of drama but a lot of recreation.

Northern Thailand, home of the ancient Lanna kingdom, offers a great diversity of  experiences.  Distant mists, bird songs, and a distinct chill greet most mornings in the mountains and valleys of northern Thailand.  The scenery is so wonderful.  Visitors can join a trek to remote villages inhabited by hill tribes where elements of lifestyle have changed little in hundreds of years.  You can explore their traditional and simple lives.  Each group of tribes has its own heritage, language, religion, and culture.  Moreover, there are many fine temples and handicrafts which attract visitors around the World.

Chiang Mai, superbly sited in the Ping River Valley, was once the capital of the Lanna Kingdom.  It is famed for its 300 temples, fine shopping, distinctive Northern cuisine, and relaxed pace of life.  Chiang Mai, often called the “rose of the North”, is shedding its sleepy backpacker – haven reputation and carving (decorate) out a new identity.  The town is rapidly developed and hotels and trendy restaurants are springing up everywhere.

Spectacular temples can take your breath away.  For example, Wat Chiang Man, was built in 1292, is Chiang Mai’s first and oldest temple.  There are the elephant pagoda, the marble Buddha bar-relief and crystal Buddha which people are proud of and belief in protecting the city from disaster.

Warorot Market is the place where shoppers can find local food, clothing and hill-tribe crafts.  By night, it is the site of a colorful flower market.  It is worthy to visit.

If there is one must-see sight that no visit to Bangkok, Thailand would be complete without, it is the luminous, spectacular Grand Palace. It is known as symbol of Kings.

In the past, Grand Palace is used to be a residence of the Thai Monarch, but now it is the main tourist spot and the holy place used y king only for certain ceremonial occasins. Within the palace has seveal impressive buildings including Wat Pra Kaew(Temple of the Emerald Buddha) which is the temple’s primary attraction. This place contains the small very famous and greatly revered Emerald Buddha that dates back to the 14th century. The robes on the Buddha are changed with the season by the king of Thailand, and formed an important ritual in the Buddhist calendar.

Moreover, there are many beautiful architectures and craftsmanships. For example, Buddhist murals was painted along the wall of the temple, it tells us about the Ramayana epic in its entirety. There are also two big mythical Giants which guard the gate of balcony in Wat Pra Kaew.

In the night time, the shiny gold temple will be exquisite and luminous in this area.

GOOD TO KNOW:  the temple is sacred place, and must dress appropriately, no shorts, slippers, sandals, or revealing tops. Otherwise, you simply won’t be allowed in.

Thailand is roughly the size of France and shaped like an elephant’s head with a long dangling trunk.  It is bordered  to the west by Burma, to the northeast by Laos, to the east by Cambodia, and to the south by Malaysia.

Many people say that Thailand is lucky. It has the looks, the temperament and the attractions to capture the World’s imagination for an exotic escape. It is mysterious and confounding but approachable and inviting. Hospitality is a genuine art, crafted by a culture that takes pride in putting people at ease.

From the combination of custom and novelty in urbane Bangkok to the east which is the most traditionally Thai region. At the north land, is an attractive beautiful mountain, outstanding national park and a tradition festivals. In southern Thailand, enjoy white sand and blue sea are what most Thai holidays are about. This Country has a little bit of everything for everyone. When people think of Asia, Thailand is often the first image that comes to their mind.

Lastly, as I am Thai, I am sure that you will be welcomed and treated nicely like you are our family.

Let Thailand be your next vacation…..