1. Bring your water bottle wherever you go

Not  only is it eco-friendly, it also saves your money.  Dont  forget to buy snacks for long trips.  You can buy them at 7-eleven,  which you can get the same price as  Thai people.  Remember! tourist always overcharge.

2. Avoid Western Food

You can buy ten Thai meals for the cost of one pizza in Thailand. Nearly all foreign food is imported at great expense, and it rarely tastes the same as back home anyway.

3. Avoid the tourist traps

For real cheap traveling, stay away from places like Pattaya, Phuket and Ko Sa Mui, instead head off the beaten track to the forest temples and National Parks of Nakorn Ratchasima in the North-East or try the beaches and unique cuisine of Nakhon Si Thammarat in the South/

4. learn to take public transportation and avoid taking cab especially in Bangkok City.

The fares of cab can rip off, so you should go by BTS (subway) that offers one day unlimited rides for $4.  BTW, buses must be cheaper, but spend time longer to destinations (avoid taking bus on rush hours 8-10 am. and 5-7 pm.) .  If you are traveling on long trips, take the overnight bus / sleeper train so you can save hotel costs.

5. Bring Dollars

Exchanging money from the local banks is the best way that you will get nice rate compared to other  money changers. Try to check rate on internet of these banks; The Siam Commercial Bank, Bangkok Bank, Bank of Ayadhaya Public Company Limited. Avoid making ATMs transactions, you will be charged around $5 for using your ATM access abroad.