Everybody who travels, wants to know how to get cheap airline tickets.  While some people knows how to get these cheap airfares, but some people does not know.

These are basic tips before booking airline tickets.

1. One of the most basic tips is to make sure you book your fights in advance.  This sounds easy but most people hestitat to book in advance and wait until the last minute.  Most airline release their fight schedules as early as  six months to a year ahead of time.

2. Visiting the airlines’ website and signing up to the airlines mailing lists will send you weekly flight deals straight to your inbox.  Nowsaday, you can also get special promotions or discount tickets via facebook and twitter. Moreover, you should check more than one website and compare rates;  such as hotwire, expedia, cheaptickets, priceline or orbitz.

3. If you dont ask, you dont get it.  Many people does not realize they have right to get a discount on their airfares.  For example, student and children also can get cheaper flights.

4. Try to fly on weekday (Monday – Thursday) especially, late-night fights, very morning flights and flights with at least one stop tend to be discount as well.

5. Ask the airline if it offers travel package to save money in other areas.  For instance, a rental car or hotel room.

6. stay with the same airline during your entire trip to receive round-trip or connecting fare discounts

Hope you get the best saving from these tips!