Northern Thailand, home of the ancient Lanna kingdom, offers a great diversity of  experiences.  Distant mists, bird songs, and a distinct chill greet most mornings in the mountains and valleys of northern Thailand.  The scenery is so wonderful.  Visitors can join a trek to remote villages inhabited by hill tribes where elements of lifestyle have changed little in hundreds of years.  You can explore their traditional and simple lives.  Each group of tribes has its own heritage, language, religion, and culture.  Moreover, there are many fine temples and handicrafts which attract visitors around the World.

Chiang Mai, superbly sited in the Ping River Valley, was once the capital of the Lanna Kingdom.  It is famed for its 300 temples, fine shopping, distinctive Northern cuisine, and relaxed pace of life.  Chiang Mai, often called the “rose of the North”, is shedding its sleepy backpacker – haven reputation and carving (decorate) out a new identity.  The town is rapidly developed and hotels and trendy restaurants are springing up everywhere.

Spectacular temples can take your breath away.  For example, Wat Chiang Man, was built in 1292, is Chiang Mai’s first and oldest temple.  There are the elephant pagoda, the marble Buddha bar-relief and crystal Buddha which people are proud of and belief in protecting the city from disaster.

Warorot Market is the place where shoppers can find local food, clothing and hill-tribe crafts.  By night, it is the site of a colorful flower market.  It is worthy to visit.